The Citadel, Dubai (UAE), completed 2008, h = 201m, 48 floors

Details about the building and the model, links, photos and maps and a 3d-PDF, where you can move, rotate and zoom the model inside a PDF-document.

Details of the building

name The Citadel
adress Business Bay Area
height/size 67x80x201m, 48 floors
completed/by 2008, Deyaar
architects DAR Consult
further links Wiki-EN / emporis

Maps / Satellite Photos

static map: Dubai, zoom level z=10

static map: Dubai, zoom level z=14

interactive Google Hybrid-Map,zoom level z=17, Large map

3d-model for Google Earth / 3d-PDF

There are different models of The Citadel in Googles 3-warehouse:

1) by "kiju" : A model with about 30cm/px = 10px/sqm photoresolution but with imprecise structure and artificial vegetation. With 2100 faces and 5546 kB filesize (5000 kB only for unrealistic trees) it is far too big for GoogleEarth (Google recommends max 500 faces and 500 kB)

2) by me= "3dHH" : this model has the same level of detail as 1), but by more efficient use of components and sensible jgp- compression it has only 52kB, that is 106x smaller than the model by "kiju"

You can download the kmz-file (3d-model for GoogleEarth) here (52kB).

Screenshot of my model 2) in a 3d-PDF, download here (390kB)

3d-model (front-view) in GoogleEarth, with the legendary Burj Al Arab in background

3d-model (back-view) in GoogleEarth, with the legendary Sheikh Zayed Road and the Burj Dubai (world highest building, 818m)in background