DIFC, Dubai International Finance Centre, 3d-model, photos,


Details about the building and the model, links, photos and maps.

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Details of the building

name DIFC, "The Gate"
adress Dubai
height/size 80 m / 15 st., 66 x 66 m
completed/by 2004 XXX
architects Gensler Associates
official website www.difc.ae
further links Wiki-EN / emporis
description Rising 15 storeys, The Gate is the architectural signature building of the 110-acre DIFC. Designed by the US architects Gensler, this iconic building houses the executive offices of the DIFC Authority, the DFSA, and leading international financial institutions.

photo by M.Manhart, 2008/07


static map: Dubai, DIFC, zoom level z=12

dynamic satellite map z=18, click on Google for large window

New 3d-model for Google Earth, all 7 buildings of the complex.

The description in Google's 3d-warehouse: 3d-warehouse:

This model was uploaded on 2009/12/14 to the 3d-warehouse and should be featured for the Google Earth 3d-layer in the following week.
This low-poly-model (as it is needed for Google Earth)with 600 faces and 255kB filesize is very slim for this level of detail.

The new 3d-model viewed in Google Earth:

Old 3d-model for Google Earth, only "The Gate"

This model for was optimized for Google Earth. With 10cm/pixel photo-resolution and 268 faces its filesize is only 104 kB. It is more detailed than the actual model with 2673 kB (!) in Google Earth's "Best of 3d-gallery" by efficient use of textures and components.

screenshot of the 3d-model


Photos by M.Manhart, 2008/07

georeferenced photos

Georeferenced photos of the building and nearby objects on www.panoramio.com, (screenshot)